Below is a small variety of our available technology accessories. If you can’t find what you’re looking for or need more information please call us on 02 9734 7444 to speak to one of our experienced team members.


 Zippy 3 Way Cable  

Zippy 3 Way Cable
Retractable USB Cable with micro USB and other major connections on the market.
Compatible with most current mobile devices including tablets
70cm long when extended and will carry 2.1 amps constantly
Decoration: 4CP standard label on top of Zippy circle 16.5mm diameter. 4CP standard label with epoxy dome on top of Zippy circle 16.5mm diameter. 4CP standard label on top of box rectangle 55mm L x 30mm H

 Dual Micro USB 8 Pin Connector Cable  

Dual 50cm Micro USB/8 Pin Connector Cable
Dual 50cm micro USB/8 pin connector cable to charge any phone/device that has a Micro USB or 8 pin input
Remove cap to reveal micro USB
Decoration: Pad print USB end 10mm L x 10mm H. 8 pin end 13mm L x 8mm H

 Light Up 3 in 1 Cable  

Family Light Up 3 in 1 Cable
3 in 1 USB connector cable with micro USB, 8 pin & 30 pin, data transfer and charging
Choice of 10 illuminating coloured rings
Unit lights up when plugged in
Decoration: 4CP digital direct print front 25mm L x 20mm H (with rounded corners)

 Turbo Mobile Phone Fan  

Turbo Mobile Phone Mini Fan
Mini electric fan with combination micro USB/8 Pin connectors for use with most Android and iOS mobile phones
IC protection against over voltage conditions as well as component failure
Decoration: Pad print blade 26mm L x 14mm H. 8 pin 13mm L x 5mm H

 Travel Adapter  

Multi Travel Adapter
Multi piece travel adapter suits USA, UK, EU, ASIA outlets, 110-225 Volt
Adapters snap into plastic holder for easy storage
Decoration: Pad print 45mm L x 30mm H. 4CP digital direct 45mm L x 30mm H


Car Vent Mount Mobile Phone Holder


Car Vent Mount Mobile Phone Holder
Spring loaded car vent mobile phone holder attaches to air vent in your car to securely hold and mount your smartphone
Ultra light weight means you can take it with you while travelling
Decoration: Pad print 19mm diameter. 4CP digital print 19mm diameter. 4CP standard label 19mm diameter

 Tablet Cover  

Neoprene Voyager Tablet Cover
Lightweight 3mm rubber neoprene tablet cover with flap
Protects your mini notebook/tablet from bumps, shocks and scratches. Also available for laptops
Decoration: Screen print below flap 160mm L x 130mm H. 4CP digital direct transfer below flap 160mm L x 130mm H

 Waterproof Pouch With Neck Cord  

Waterproof Pouch with Neck Cord
Translucent waterproof PVC pouch with neck cord and snap lock velcro closure
Ideal for keeping your valuables safe whilst at events
Decoration: Screen print clear side 55mm L x 100m H. Frosted side 55mm L x 100m H

 Microfibre Lens Cloth  

Custom Economy Microfibre Lens Cloth
Economy 230gsm/95 denier microfibre lens cloth with zig zag edging
Full colour custom design
Suitable for sunglasses, eyeglasses, smart phones, e-book readers, camera lens, monitors, collectables and tablets
Decoration: 4CP sublimation print 150mm L x 150mm H


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